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The Workshop

This is the place where the magic happens. Based inside of an old WW2 Submarine munitions factory, now the home of building custom campervans. 

The Main Workshop

Your vehicle will be kept in our highly secure former military building, the floor space is split into multiple areas depending on where the vehicle is on its timeline.

Starting in the far left and working its way across to the right before leaving out the door a vehicle ready to make memories.​

The vehicles start on the left where they have the windows, roof and hook up/water points cut out of their bodywork.

They are then moved right to where they are insulated, wiring installed, pop tops installed (if you're having one fitted) and carpeting. 

Next, your vehicle moves to our carpentry section where they get their final fit out. 

Vehicles with diesel heater components will also venture to our 2-post lift, capable of lifting 4.3T tons it is well equipped for most vehicles.

Finally, the vehicle is moved by the door where it is cleaned and prepped for you to start your journey.

The Wood Room

This is where we build the hand-built furniture, with old craftsmanship skills and modern tools the possibilities are endless. As we design and scribe everything to your vehicle our builds are guaranteed to be a better fit than mass manufactured CNC cut furniture. 

Our wood room is split into 3 sections for efficiency. These are the cutting, sanding and finishing areas.

Within the cutting area we also have our topless table, ideal for cutting with hand power tools or routing out shapes. 

The sanding section has a choice of multiple sanders depending on the size and shape as well as space where we can set up for hand sanding. 

Finally, we have the finishing section where we will edge band the panels with durable ABS edge banding and varnish the bare wood. 

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