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This Victron VE.Direct MPPT control panel plugs into your Victron BlueSolar or SmartSolar MPPT solar charge controller (VE.Direct models only) to allow the user to remotely monitor and program charging parameters. Using the Victron MPPT control panel also unlocks exclusive access to live status info, daily/ monthly datalogs and advanced options for system personalisation.

Compatible Victron products:

This MPPT control panel is designed for use with Victron MPPT charge controllers with a VE.Direct port. For example, either:

  • A controller from the BlueSolar range (such as VBSM75-15 , VBSM100-30 , VBSM100-50 , VBSM150-35 , VBSM150-45 , VBSM150-60 or VBSM150-70
  • Certain models from the SmartSolar range (such as VSSM75-15VSSM100-20VSSM100-30VSSM150-35VSSM150-45VSSM150-60VSSM150-85 or VSSM150-100)

Please note this control panel is not compatible with the discontinued BlueSolar MPPT 70/15, or with any Victron MPPT controller with a VE.Can port.

Advanced programming and monitoring:

Connecting this MPPT control panel to your Victron solar charge controller unlocks numerous possibilities for advanced programming and remote monitoring of your MPPT solar system.  The wide range of additional features made available include:

- Live data transmission: Real-time information is displayed including solar panel output, battery voltage and current, load status and current, and charging stage information.

- 30-day data logs: System activity is available to view, either as daily values or as cumulative values for the past 30 days. Daily data displayed includes: energy yield, maximum recorded power and voltage, time spent in each charging stage, maximum battery current, minimum and maximum recorded battery voltages and daily error records. 30 day data includes: total cumulative energy yield, maximum recorded solar panel voltage, minimum and maximum recorded battery voltage, and recent errors.

- User-defined battery charging algorithm: Option to disable preset values in favour of personalised charging parameters, including user-defined absorption voltage, absorption time, float voltage, equalisation voltage and temperature compensation settings.

- Load configuration: For BlueSolar or SmartSolar MPPT controllers with load terminals (such as VBSM75-15 or VSSM100-20) there is the option to choose from one of the pre-set load management programs or to create a user-defined load program.


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