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The Medium Universal electronic kit Bundle is a must-have for any campervan build. This bundle includes a high-quality solar panel, an efficient inverter, and a reliable charger. With this bundle, you can power up your campervan wherever you go, without worrying about running out of electricity. The solar panel is designed to capture maximum sunlight and convert it into usable energy. The inverter converts DC power to AC power, which is essential for running your devices and appliances. The charger ensures that your batteries are fully charged and ready to use. Order your Medium Universal electronic kit Bundle today and start enjoying your campervan adventures


This features 2 x 200W solar panel with controller,  DC to DC charger and 2000W inverter with built in charger all made by Photonic Universe. 

In addition to this the bundle also includes the cables and breakers needed to connect all the parts together. 

All parts are compatible with lead acid, Gel and AGM

**Please note this kit is not compatible with Lithium, please refer to our Victron listings for Lithium compatibile bundles. 


Bundle consists of:

2x FLPROC-200M  - 200w Semi-Flexible MonoCrystiline Fibreglass Solar Panels

PTR4210AN – 40A MPPT Controller Photonic Universe
LK2000- 2000w Inverter Charger, Mains charger built in

DCDC-20A – 20A Multi stage DC to DC Charger

CB180 - 180A Circuit Breaker (for inverter)
2x CB30 – 30A Circuit Breaker (for DC to DC)
BCAB3100FH - Pair,3m single core 10mm2 battery cables, 40A midi fuse

6m x BCABHD10R – 10mm 6m Cable Red

6m x BCABHD10B – 10mm 6m Cable Black

1m x BCABHD50R - 50mm 6m Cable Red

1m x BCABHD50B - 50mm 6m Cable Black

2x CAB_GLNB Waterproof Black Double Cable Entry Gland

Medium Universal Electronic kit Bundle

SKU: bundle-02cxr
£1,499.99 Regular Price
£1,359.99Sale Price
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