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This 230A Victron Cyrix-ct intelligent battery combiner automatically connects and disconnects two independent battery banks based on voltage trends, optimising the sharing of power between batteries. This is perfect for vehicle battery systems where alternator charging can be shared with the leisure battery, and leisure charging (such as solar power or mains hook-up) can be shared with the engine starter battery.

Key Features

  • Intelligent monitoring and tracking of both battery systems, shares charging without over-discharging either battery
  • Full protection against over-discharge, overcurrent, over-temperature or over-voltage
  • Automatic 12V/24V system voltage detection
  • No loss of voltage between batteries
  • Bi-directional power flow shares charging in both directions
  • Start Assist manual override, allows leisure battery to assist with engine start-up in case of starter battery damage or deep discharge


This product comes with a 1m control cable for connecting the negative voltage-sensing cable and the optional Start Assist override.

Note: both battery banks in the system must have the same rated voltage. Smart alternators in Euro 6 or later engines may not be compatible with Voltage Sensing Relay technology such as this battery combiner.


£117.14 Regular Price
£111.97Sale Price
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