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Thinking About a Conversion?

Watch our video and learn more about CXR Conversions. This informative video is a great starting point to help you visualize your dream campervan and understand the process of converting your vehicle to a home on wheels.

What to think about before converting

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Vehicle size and space

At CXR Conversions, we understand that choosing the right size vehicle for your campervan conversion is crucial. If you already own a vehicle, you have already made this decision. However, if not, it's important to consider what you want to use the vehicle for. Keep in mind that the larger the vehicle, the more internal space you'll have, but it can also make it harder to navigate around town, park, and fit down narrow lanes. Our team of experts can help you choose the right size vehicle for your needs.


Travel and Sleeping

 One of the most important aspects to consider when starting the conversion process is your desired number of travelers and sleepers. This number may differ if you typically travel with more people than the van sleeps for everyday use. Our team of experts can customize your van to ensure it perfectly fits your needs for any adventure you have in mind. 

Camping Pocket Shower


To shower or not to shower

One of the biggest debates is whether to add a toilet and shower, this is a personal choice. A bathroom will take up a large amount of space but for some is essential. A bathroom often depends on the end intended use, do you want to use this vehicle off grid or perminently on sites with facilities? Adding a bathroom is costly, water heaters and full water systems quickly add up. Another consideration with a bathroom is where to store your water, internal or underslung. internal will take up precious space in your vehicle however underslung does run the risk of freezing in the winter.


Personal requirements

Flexibility is key when it comes to campervan conversions, and at CXR Conversions, we pride ourselves on our ability to create custom solutions that meet your specific needs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and create a bespoke campervan that is tailored to your needs. We also specialize in building campervans for those with disabilities, ensuring that every conversion is designed for maximum usability.




We understand that budget is one of the most important aspects of any campervan build. That's why we encourage our clients to establish a budget before starting their project and to be transparent with us about it. We can work with any budget to create the best possible campervan for you. As custom builders, we offer the best products and solutions that your budget allows.

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