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Insulation/ Carpet Package

VW Transporter SWB £1000 (We do all vehicles please contact us for a quote)

This comes as our most basic package deal, The package includes:

  • Dodo Sound Deadening and thermal reflection to the walls 

  • Dodo thermal Fleece insulation to ensure a warm coverage throughout the year.

  • Carpeted throughout the walls using 4 way stretch carpet-ceiling is available for an addition £250. 

  • Large selection of carpet colours available

  • Wiring will need to be pre installed before this insulation - please let us know if you would like us to do this for you. 


Inspections and Services

Leisure Inspection

Inspection of Insulation, Gas, 12v and 240V systems. Assess furniture build quality and supply customer with list of any issues found. This inspection is done as a means to run through the good and bad points of a vehicle to give you the customer an informed assessment of what parts may need repairs or maintenence. This service is also recommended if you have just bought a vehicle or are thinking about purchasing a vehicle. We are able to travel and assess the vehicle you are thinking about buying to give you an detailed report. 


Habitation Check

Habitation checks are a fixed list of criteria that is checked similar to an MOT on a car. This should be done annually to ensure the leisure side of the vehicle is safe. This assess moisture content, gas, 12v and 240v, chassis, water tanks ect however this does not assess items such as build quality or design faults in the conversion and the criteria is only a pass or fail however we will give details on any issues found during our inspection.

Please note we are not an AWS approved workshop and therefore certain items may need to be repaired by an AWS approved garage if the conversion is still under warranty in order to retain that warranty. 


Services: Inventory

Additional services                FROM:

Window fitting        

Autoterm Diesel heater   

Gas installations   

Scorpion Trackers

Wolfrace Wheels




And much more, please get in touch for a quote.

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